Please thoroughly review the following information and guidelines prior to submitting.


Artist Approach


Here at Silver Leaf Books, we provide our authors with the opportunity to select their own artists and work with them directly. Most authors, however, do not have art contacts and need referrals. SLB maintains a directory of interested artists to recommend to our authors as needed. There is no guarantee that an artist will be selected by an author, but by submitting to SLB, you have the opportunity to potentially be chosen for a future project.


What are Art Requirements?


Artwork mostly is used for cover designs, not interior artwork. It is possible an author would have interior art needs, but the information contained here is with the assumption that cover art will be provided. Artists will provide artwork (illustration only, without any kind of labels or titles on the book) in the CMYK color range that is at a minimum 300 dpi (printers prefer 600+). Final dimensions will be based on the book size and will need to cover these specifications at a minimum. All artwork for any Silver Leaf Books title must be unique and not be used (past, present, or future) for any representation other than as it is intended for the title the art is contracted for.


All original artwork remains the property of the artist (unless agreed upon otherwise with the author). However, all art is considered work for hire and can be used by the author and/or Silver Leaf Books in all manners of representation of the book, promotions, and sales globally and without restriction.


Artist Submission Guidelines


To be added to our directory of potential artists, the aspiring artist will provide Silver Leaf Books with the following:

  • A cover letter providing a short introduction to the material you are including in the proposal;
  • Artist's Information, providing information about you, including any creative background or artistic awards you may have won (experience is not a requirement);
  • A brief statement of intent indicating what it is that you would like to work on (book covers, graphic arts, graphic novels, etc);
  • Provide several samples so that we can receive an adequate idea about your artwork (if you would like the samples returned to you, then adequate postage must also be included); and
  • Desired financial terms (please provide a quote for Front Cover Only, Full Wrap-Around Cover, and B&W interior image).

Not all of this material is required, but the more you are able to submit, then the better picture we can form about you. Try to be thorough and professional with your submission, and remember: first impressions are often lasting ones!

Please mail your submission materials to:

Silver Leaf Books, LLC
Attn: Graphic Arts

P.O. Box 6460
Holliston, MA 01746


If you want confirmation that your materials have been received, please include a stamped post card or self addressed stamped envelope.



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