The publishing landscape is widely changing and Silver Leaf Books and Creative Strategists are always looking for ways to properly introduce new and upcoming talent. Look at the options below and select the one that you feel is closest to what you hope to achieve.



There are two options available for authors. Click on the logos or follow the hyperlinks at the bottom for more information and to proceed with your desired option.

Book Publishing Book Publishing Services

Are you an author seeking to have your book published by a company? Silver Leaf Books focuses exclusively on fiction novels primarily in the genres of Fantasy, Science Fiction, Mystery, Suspense, Medical Thrillers, and Horror.

Are you an author, self publisher, or small press looking to acquire publishing services for fees? Creative Strategists specializes in managing a book project and providing a full range of services from manuscript to final product, regardless of format or genre. You can either take advantage of full publishing project management services, or select individual services that you need assistance with. 

How does Silver Leaf Books work?
  1. You follow the submission guidelines to have your book published by Silver Leaf Books.
  2. If your book is selected for publication, you will be offered a publishing agreement that will put your book in print (whether that be print or electronic) within 18 - 24 months.
  3. Silver Leaf Books will handle all aspects of the publication process.
  4. You will receive royalties for the sale of your books.
How does Creative Strategists work?
  1. There is no submission process, granting of rights, or contract negotiations. You maintain 100% control of all aspects of your project.
  2. You agree upon the services that you need (i.e. Editing, Typesetting, Cover Design, etc) and you pay fees for the services to be provided.
  3. Creative Strategists provides services within an agreed upon timeline.
  4. You sell your book on your own as your own publisher and maintain all revenues, not just royalties.
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Whether through Silver Leaf Books or Creative Strategists, our authors chose the artists that they work with. Artist submissions are kept on file to provide a directory of potential contacts in the event that authors are in need of them. Please view our Artist Submission Guidelines for more information.





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