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The Missiles at Havadarya

Title: The Missiles at Havadarya

Series: Apollo Evolutions

Author: Rob Gullette

ISBN: 978-1-60975-091-6

Product Code: BK0071

Release Date: June 2014

Cover Price: $1.99

Format: Electronic







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Iran has closed the Strait of Hormuz in retaliation for the Israeli bombing of its nuclear processing facility at Qom. The US Navy amphibious task force sent to reopen the Strait is in the Gulf of Oman, poised to strike at the heart of the Iranian blockade, the naval base at Bandar-e Abbas. One obstacle stands in the way--the Havadayra missile battery. Housed deep within the Havadayra bluffs overlooking the Strait, it is impervious to attack from the air and commands the sea for hundreds of kilometers off of Bandar-e Abbas with two dozen deadly Russian SS-NX-26 Yakhonts anti-ship missiles. Two elite US Navy SEAL Teams are called in to neutralize the Havadayra missile battery in a daring night attack just hours before US Marines are scheduled to begin the assault. When the mission goes terribly wrong, Petty Officer Thomas Kraft, USN, a rookie with no combat experience, must find a way for it to succeed, knowing full well thousands of lives and the outcome of the battle hang in the balance. In so doing, he begins a long journey that ends years later on the slopes of the Shackleton crater, near the Moon's south pole.















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