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Mystical Match

Title: Mystical Match

Series: The Imperium Saga

Author: Clifford B. Bowyer

ISBN: 978-1-60975-182-1

Product Code: BK0128

Release Date: February 2016

Cover Price: $1.99

Format: Electronic







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Legendary negotiator of peace amongst warring people of the Imperium, the Mage Master Siffdoran, spends nearly a century away from the Mage's Council as he travels the realm, assists warring nations, learns about cultures, and becomes an avid writer of adventure tales. From Akkammanavar to Underwood to Xylona to Estonis, Siffdoran faces each discovery with passion and excitement, and uses it all to enhance his writing. But as he closes in on his three-hundredth birthday, he knows that it is time to return home.


With his novel collection complete, Siffdoran returns home where he is greeted by his childhood friend Master Korgoth and his sister, Linkarna. Both have found mates while he was away, were happy, and in the case of his sister have had children. Siffdoran is marveled by his niece and nephew, taking great pride in all that they do. But the more he sees them, the more he begins to realize that something is missing in his life. For so long he focused on his mission as a negotiator, and then his passion to write. Now, halfway through his life, he longs for someone to share his experiences with, to start a family with, and to become whole. But being gone so long, he finds himself troubled with how to meet someone. Until he learns about Mystical Match.


A relatively recent system designed by the Mages to meet other Mages, Siffdoran is dubious, but ultimately tries to see if he can find his perfect match. Even Mages crave love and companionship, and Siffdoran explores pursuits of the heart with this new magical creation. He is hesitant, doesn't quite believe that Mystical Match will work, but deep down hopes that it is the solution he needs to find romance and fulfill his dreams. But is Mystical Match the solution to what he desires? Discover the answer as Siffdoran searches for his soul mate.
















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