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Lost Nickel

Title: Lost Nickel

Series: N/A

Author: Christopher Stookey

ISBN: 978-1-60975-107-4

Product Code: BK0082

Release Date: November 2014

Cover Price: $0.99

Format: Electronic







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Life is good for Bob Hansen, a happily retired physician who worked for thirty-seven years as a well-liked family doctor. He loves his wife, he volunteers at the local geriatric clinic, and he especially adores his two granddaughters, Chelsea and Shanna (ages five and seven). One day, ahead of a visit from the grandkids, Hansen goes to the bookstore at Center Mall to buy books for the girls. However, the routine trip to the bookstore holds a surprise for Dr. Hansen, a nightmarish surprise that, in an instant, turns his happy world brutally upside down.
















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