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Ben's Magical Holiday Adventure

Title: Ben's Magical Holiday Adventure

Series: The Imperium Saga

Author: Clifford B. Bowyer

ISBN: 978-1-60975-183-8

Product Code: BK0129

Release Date: February 2016

Cover Price: $1.99

Format: Electronic







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Enjoy this magical holiday tale as Ben, a normal boy from Earth, receives an unexpected gift and finds himself swept up in a fairytale adventure. Transported to the realm of the Imperium and joining numerous legendary characters from the Imperium Saga, Kyria, Thamar, Arifos, Baldock, and Sora, Ben will find himself pitted against the evil Rawthorne to save the life of Warlord Braksis and all of Falestia.


With the unbelievable discovery of the existence of dragons and elves and trolls and dwarves and fairies, Ben's wildest fantasies will become reality. Switching between realms, Ben soon discovers that he plays an integral role in saving Braksis. Only he can do it, with the help of Braksis's closest companions, but it will not be easy as Rawthorne and an army of evil elves and dwarves stand in their way.
















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