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A Soldier's Life

Title: A Soldier's Life

Series: The Imperium Saga

Author: Clifford B. Bowyer

ISBN: 978-1-60975-089-3

Product Code: BK0069

Release Date: June 2014

Cover Price: $1.99

Format: Electronic







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Following the abduction of Empress Karleena, the Imperial military is dispatched to the neighboring country of Aezia where reports indicate that she is being held. In desperate attempts to gain ground on the beachfront, Cavalry Captain Travers finds his unit in dire straits with little hope for reprieve as the Aezians strike brutally and without mercy throughout the day and night. With the fate of the Imperium hanging in the balance, Travers is determined to lead his troops to victory and rescue the one person who can restore order in their homeland. But have the intelligence reports been falsified? Are the Imperial forces being manipulated by Zoldex to fight a foe who has been unjustly accused? Or will all of the bloodshed and sacrifice bring them a step closer to finding the Empress? Find out in A Soldier’s Life.
















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