Silver Leaf Books and our authors value education and helping to promote reading with youths. The following program has been designed in cooperation between SLB and one of our authors, Clifford B. Bowyer:

Partnership with the PTSA / PTA / Schools Program


The Silver Leaf Books (SLB) Partnership with the PTSA / PTA / School (Organization) Program has been designed as a fundraiser for two purposes:

  1. To help the Organization raise money to support the students and school systems in their towns, by providing funds that can be used for books, computers, program events, and numerous other activities; and

  2. To help increase the recognition of a series that has been called by reviewers “A grand work of high fantasy crafted by a skilled and talented master of the genre.”

This program is beneficial to all parties involved, and the potential for it is endless. Review the next few sections for details on the program, as well as the books and the author.

The Product

Author of The Imperium Saga novels, Clifford B. Bowyer, has written a spin-off series, The Adventures of Kyria, for younger audiences. This Fantasy Adventure features Kyria, the twelve-year-old child prophesied to be the savior of the world, as she experiences the initial threat to her livelihood and struggles to come to terms with her destiny. Through tragedy and triumph, she will fight to find a way to persevere and become the savior that she has been prophesied to be.

Fundraiser Specifics

Each book in The Adventures of Kyria series sells for $5.99. The Organization will be provided with an information packet for each student that includes information on the books available for sale, and an order form. The students will order the books, or sell copies of the books, and return them to the Organization when completed (a designated timeline will be established between the school and SLB to provide time for the sales period). The compiled orders will then be submitted to SLB.


40% ($2.40 per book sold) will be provided to the Organization for all sales submitted as part of this fundraiser. There will be no limitations imposed on the number of books that may be ordered, or the amount of money that can be raised.


The top three students with the most sales will also receive an added incentive: a free autographed copy of each novel in The Imperium Saga: Fall of the Imperium Trilogy series (mailed directly to the students when available, an $83.85 value).


Silver Leaf Books will send the ordered books to a single location designated by the Organization. The Organization will then be responsible for further distribution to the students in whatever method they deem appropriate.

About the Author

Clifford B. Bowyer is the son of Marilyn, a former teacher’s aid at the Holliston Elementary School, and Warren Bowyer, a former Canton High School teacher. From an early age, he had been raised with an appreciation for the school systems and education.


Bowyer completed his Undergraduate studies at Bryant College a semester early with a BS/BA in both Management and Marketing. Upon his return to Holliston, he was nominated for public office for the Finance Committee with a strong standpoint to increase the funding for the local school systems, as well as the police and fire departments.


He also acquired his Graduate degree from Babson College, and currently focuses on his writing and the promotion of his novels.


His idea for the Partnership with the PTSA / PTA / Schools originated from a pair of factors. First, he received information about a fundraiser from his nephew’s school. The fundraiser was for magazine subscriptions, and the school acquired under a dollar for sold subscriptions that were at a minimum, $19.99. Second, shortly after graduating from Bryant College, Bowyer had maintained a Marketing Manager position where his company had forged a partnership with the local schools, helping to raise money for the schools, as well as a variety of other events (such as food drives for the homeless).


By combining these two ideas, he felt that through the sale of books, an item that promotes reading and has value to children, the school systems can raise even more money by gaining a higher percentage of sales of a lower cost product, while at the same time providing exposure to his writing and novels.


Attached you will find information about the books currently available and those that will be available by the conclusion of this school year. We hope that you will be as excited and optimistic about this program as we are.


Clifford B. Bowyer has volunteered to be the contact person for this program, and will be happy to work with the Organization to see that this program is a success. He also is willing to make himself available for public appearances, guest speaking, and book signings if the Organization would desire it upon completion of the program.


To sign up for the Program, contact:


Silver Leaf Books, LLC

Attn: Partnership with the PTSA / PTA / School

P.O. Box 6460

Holliston, MA 01746

Books Available for Program

The following books are currently available:











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