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Title: Twisted Benevolence

Series: Twisted, Book 3

Author: Lew Stonehouse

ISBN: 978-1-60975-169-2

Product Code: BK0121

Format: Trade Paperback

Pages: TBD

Release Date: 2017

Cover Price: $21.95

Our Price: $21.95TBD


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John Livingston Harvard returns and finds himself working for the government, but this time as an undercover agent for the F.B.I. He and his partner have been tasked with uncovering the latest plot by the Coeptus Guild. Children are quietly disappearing throughout the country. Not just any children, but only those of genius IQ's from troubled or poor homes. The task force set up to deal with the Guild has uncovered information gleaned from the home of a dirty judge that the Guild is responsible and Benevolence has nothing to do with it. The project is merely fuel for the Coeptus Guild's burning desire for power.


John and fellow agent Frank Carlotta travel to a small and isolated town in the mountains of Oregon. Who in this tiny hamlet can be trusted? Like all small towns, they are suspicious of strangers but are they typical small town reservations or are there deadly Guild members hidden amongst them?


It's going to take time but they need to discover what it is that the Guild is up to. Who is friend and who is foe? With typical ruthless efficiency, the Guild becomes aware of their efforts and intend to clean up the entire project. The missing children are found at a rural compound but who are the real victims? Is it just the children or are there those on the staff and some in the community who have been duped as well? Killing them all and letting God sort them out is not an option.



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