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Title: Resurrection

Series: The Imperium Saga: Survivors of the Siege, Book 3

Author: Clifford B. Bowyer

ISBN: 978-1-60975-153-1

Product Code: BK0113

Format: Hardcover

Pages: TBD

Release Date: February 2017

Cover Price: $25.95


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No society that is comprised of individuals throughout history has ever been perfect. There will always be those motivated by their own desires and needs and passions and fears that set them outside of the laws of the society that they belong. The Mage's, as advanced as they are, are no exception to this rule. Those who violate the precepts of the Mage's Council are dubbed Renegade Mages, regardless of their crime, and have a special branch of highly trained magic users, known as the Drannin, hunt them down and bring them back to face justice under the laws of their society.


But the days of the Drannin have come to an end, with only one survivor to the order, Master Aravinda. The Last Drannin, a Mage so feared that even those who would never even consider violating the Council's rules back away from and try to avoid. In the dark days of Zoldex, when evil Mages run rampant and the world at large is suffering at the hands of Renegade Mages, it is time for the Drannin to be restored to its former glory. Hand-picking the best and the brightest from the survivors of the Mage's Academy, Master Aravinda is determined to build the next generation of Drannin.


Sartir, one of the best friends of the prophesied savior, Kyria, finds himself torn between guilt for the actions of a Shadow Lord trapped inside his body and his desire to always be by the Chosen One's side. Ultimately deciding to become one of the new Drannin, he is determined to master the beast within and become worthy once more of being a companion of Kyria.


The new Drannin will have their hands full, though, as two threats loom on the horizon. Years ago, a single troll, Matriarch Kovag, united her people and led them on a crusade to cleanse the infestation that was humanity. Defeated by King Worren of Falestia, the trolls believe that one day she will return to unite them once more. That day has finally come, though Kovag is more than she was, and is reborn as a Mage. With the survivors of Zoldex's siege migrating north to Falestia, a new troll threat within the borders would be devastating. Will the resurrection of Kovag seal the fate of those who would stand against Zoldex? Or does her return herald something different?


Princess Erlyn, niece of King Worren and cousin to Warlord Braksis, will lead famed heroes of Falestia to investigate the rumors of Kovag's return. Along with Atherok, Shalin, Hallador, Davalos, and Zoaa, they will not back down from the rumors or the devastating memories of the past as they seek to find answers and deal with the troll threat. With Kovag being hunted by the Drannin and the legendary Falestians, will her return be thwarted before it has even begun?


Whether it is or not, the true threat may be the one that none of them see coming. As the Renegade Mage Crelestra returns to Grimsgaard, the wraith city that believes she is their God, to establish a foothold of power. She too is seeking Kovag under the orders of Zoldex, and she will not stop no matter who gets in her way. Master Aravinda has reason to know and fear Crelestra well, for she was the one who had slaughtered his fellow Drannin and left him as the last survivor. Will history repeat itself with his new Drannin?


The Drannin, the Falestians, the trolls, and the wraith all have their fates intertwined, and their final confrontation is inevitable. But who will survive, and how will the outcome impact the overall war with Zoldex? One thing is for certain, none of their lives will ever be the same again.



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