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Title: Crossings

Series: The Draca Wards Saga, 6

Author: B. Pine

ISBN: 978-1-60975-189-0

Product Code: BK0134

Format: Trade Paperback

Pages: TBD

Release Date: 2017

Cover Price: $TBD


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Trouble, trouble, and more trouble...


Jamu's shocking feat and its resulting fallout send shockwaves throughout the world, but the wards are unable to take much advantage of the unsettling turn of events. The dragons seem to have backed away for now, but important duties await and training is now more important than ever.


The Academy taught them much, but it was only a practice yard for the dangerous world awaiting them all. Ben and Jania's most important goals are suddenly hindered by their relationship. Haunting memories and the loss of their loved ones begin to take a toll on Rohen and Galen as the truth about Galen begins to emerge. And when the Coven reaches out to a disillusioned Megan, she discovers why it is so important for her to save the very people who wish to deliver her to their revered White Angel and certain death.


As the wards grow up and carve their own paths, they also begin to grow apart. But when friends fall into trouble, they realize that although they must all traverse their crossings alone, the survival of each and every one of them rests on the bond of their friendship.



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