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Title: Boston Bluey Double Trouble

Series: Boston Bluey: Daughter and Daddy Superheroes, Book 2

Author: Audrey & Clifford B. Bowyer

Product Code: BK0164

Release Date: March 2019

Format: Hardcover (Special Edition)

ISBN: 978-1-60975-259-0

Pages: 184

Cover Price: $22.95

Our Price: $22.95


Format: Trade Paperback

ISBN: 978-1-60975-260-6

Pages: 216

Cover Price: $16.95

Our Price: $16.95


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They came from a world where everyone had super powers and uncanny abilities. But now they are stranded in our world, a Daughter and her Daddy, heroes at heart, and together they will make a difference. They are Boston and Little Bluey.




Ally Lynn Archer and her Daddy, Cary Archer, are settling into their lives and roles both as productive members of society in this strange new world to them, and as super heroes. Their actions as Boston Bluey and Little Bluey have not gone unnoticed, and people around them are clamoring to learn more. Superheroes in the real world! Topics of fictions, comics, television, and movies were now real and could be seen. But even heroes can’t be everywhere at once.


From their world, one of Cary Archer’s most deadly nemesis, Techniarch, has followed his foe and is biding his time waiting for opportunities to face the former Protector once more. When two children are tragically injured in a blizzard, both blaming Boston and Little Bluey for abandoning them,  he knows it is time to strike, tempting them by saving their lives and bestowing upon them powers of their own.


Children corrupted by the manipulations of Techniarch, they are reborn as the supervillains Crystal and Bad Guyie, and begin their crusade to confront and defeat Boston and Little Bluey for abandoning them in their time of need.  If the world had not been ready for real life superheroes, it is even less prepared for the emergence of supervillains. Yet Boston and Little Bluey will do everything they can to stop this new threat and protect the people from harm. But will their efforts be enough as the world around them and life as they know it begins to change? Find out in Boston Bluey: Double Trouble!



Book Excerpt







“Unfortunate. Unfortunate when our community’s children are put in danger and over three hundred guests on a night of celebration turned tragic. But it is not all bad, as this reporter has learned, there was something, someone, who helped in all of this chaos. With the Emergency Exit blocked, the fire spreading quickly, the theatre at capacity, and the performers separated from their loved ones, it would be easy to see how tragic this night could have gone. I am reminded of night club tragedies, where only a handful of souls are fortunate enough to be survivors. But that was not the case here.

 “Here, many people were witness to something else,” reporter Evie Berman said as the image shifted from her to survivors of the dance recital fire.

“She was flying. Like, flying by the roof, and kept shouting for me to get my family out.”

“I was trapped, and she swooped down from the sky and showed me a way past the flames. I wouldn’t be here if not for that masked girl.”

The little boy watching the news on the television stared at the people talking in awe. Was there really a little girl who saved the day? A little girl who could fly? A real life superhero? Right here in Bellingham? It was a dream come true!

The television changed channels, a band on the screen singing.

“Hey!” the little boy said, turning around to see his sister with the remote. “I was watching that!”

“Not anymore.”

“I was here first!” he screamed.

“I’m older. Live with it,” she replied as she got herself comfortable in the chair.

“Only by a few minutes!” he shouted.

“Still older,” she smugly replied.

“I’ll tell Mom.”

“Good luck with that,” the girl said, laughing off the threat.

“Signah, please,” the little boy pleaded. “It’s only a news broadcast. It’ll be over in a moment. I don’t want to miss it.”

The little girl stared at her brother, seeing his brown eyes beginning to well up. She snorted derisively, but switched the channel back so he could watch the end of the report.

The broadcast was still on. The little boy sat back down, absorbing every word. “She looked like she was my age,” a little girl who was in the recital said. Then after a pause. “I wish I could fly!” 

“Me too,” the little boy said.

I wish I could fly,” Signah said mockingly. “Puh-lease.”

The screen then shifted back to the reporter. “Bizarre? Extraordinary? Reports have been coming in for weeks that there were genuine heroes in the area helping people out and asking for nothing in return. This reporter would be so bold as to change hero, to superhero. They are not just something out of a movie or comic book anymore. At least, not according to the survivors of this incident. You can be assured, we’ll be closely monitoring and seeking more news and insight on this superhero duo, this Boston Bluey and Little Bluey. But for tonight, there is a theatre full of souls just grateful that these superheroes were here. This is Evie Berman, WTB TV, back to you, Greg.”

“Little Bluey,” the little boy whispered, repeating the name.

Signah changed the channel when the broadcast shifted away from the story about the superheroes. “Happy now?”

“There’s a real live superhero,” the little boy said.

“Sign, you’d believe anything,” Sighah said, laughing.

“You heard the people on the news. A little girl who could fly. It’s real, I tell you, real!”

Signah twisted the crystal necklace around her neck back and forth several times, then said, “Just like my crystal gives me magical powers. Powers strong enough to curse you if you’re not careful.”

“Signah!” Sign said, looking frightened.

Signah just laughed. “You’d believe anything.”

“She’s real. You’ll see. Right here in town. We’ll hear about her again. Maybe even see her. Maybe... maybe...”

“Maybe what? She’ll let you be her sidekick or something?” Signah said, laughing again. “Oh Sign, don’t be so gullible.” She began twirling her crystal again. “If she is real, it’s not a sidekick or a fan she needs, but a villain who knows how to stop her.”

Sign stared at his sister in shock. “You would want to be a villain,” he finally said, his words bold as he grew angry with his sister. “If you were, I’d help her. I’d help her stop you!”

She just laughed again. “Ooh, I’m so scared.” She clutched her crystal tight and began waggling her fingers at him, chanting to herself.

Sign screamed and ran from the room, shouting for their mother.

Signah rolled her eyes and sighed. “Works every time.” She then forgot all about taunting her brother and the reports of a flying girl as she watched the singer on the television rock the stage.










“Nanny, scan please.”

The hovering sentient metallic orb, Nanny, rose into the air and flew over to where Ally was working. As instructed, Nanny scanned what she was working on and concluded, “Your construction of the bow has been very effective. Composed of fiberglass-based composite materials capable of taking high tensile and compressive forces. The limbs are designed to store all of the energy of the bow, with no energy stored in the drawstring, which will make shooting the bow easy even for you at your young age. I project arrow speed to be fired, as currently designed, to be between 300 and 400 feet per second.”

Ally waited for Nanny to finish her assessment, and asked, “Does that mean I did a good job?”

Nanny’s mechanical eyes studied the bow again, almost showing a sign of humor in its android gleam, and said, “I believe your father would say you did an amazing job.”

Ally smiled at that. “I just have to finish decorating it.”

Nanny shifted her gaze to Ally. “I see no need for aesthetic value. The bow is fully functional and ready for you to test it.”

“Nanny, I can’t use this as it is,” Ally said as she shifted through her bin of paints. She pulled out metallic pink for the base, then a glittery purple to coat it. “It’s going to be shiny and sparkly.”

“Are you still keeping this from your father?” Nanny asked, already knowing the answer.

“It’s a surprise,” Ally said innocently.

“A surprise he’ll approve of?” Nanny asked.

“My last name is Archer. Of course I need a bow,” Ally reasoned.

“Your father does not have a bow,” Nanny pointed out.

“Well, maybe after he sees mine he’ll change his mind,” Ally said.

“You know this is the kind of project your father likes to do with you,” Nanny said.

Ally hesitated at that. They did like to do things together. From building toys to baking and cooking to painting rooms. He always had her involved and walked her through it, but was there to make sure she didn’t get hurt. The only reason she was with Nanny and not her Daddy at the moment was because he was meeting with his partner Heidi Warrin and some investors for their new company, Archer Innovations, LLC. The holoprojecting watch technology that he was launching needed financial backers so that they would have more widespread production and distribution for the launch. Both he and Heidi were quite excited about it.

“It’s a surprise,” Ally said again, trying to sound confident.

Ally Lynn Archer and her Daddy were strangers to this land. They came from a world similar to this one but far more advanced technologically and where everyone had uncanny abilities. It was still a mystery how it all happened. They received a package and when they opened it, some kind of portal, or a rift through the multiverse, sent them—Ally, her Daddy, Nanny, and their pet dragon Loveaby—from the home they knew to here. That’s when they met Heidi Warrin and saved her life. She took them in after that, knowing nothing about their background. With Nanny’s help, identities and backgrounds were created, some money was generated, and just like that they had a new life here.

They bought a patch of land and built a house, bought a new car, and her Daddy started up two companies. The first was considered the big money maker in the partnership with Heidi, who was an MIT graduate working an hourly job and desperate for an opportunity to prove just what she could really do. The second company was a book publishing company, Shimendyn Books, launching her Daddy’s books that he had written on their world as his occupation after she had been born. Before she was born he was a Protector, a member of law enforcement. But then when it was just the two of them, he gave that all up and became a stay at home Daddy and wrote novels about his exploits in the Protectorate. Nanny fortunately was able to download the manuscripts and use them for the launch of the first book, a blend of Science Fiction and Superhero themes to a new world that seemed to crave new material on both.

But, the most important thing about coming here, they had powers when nobody else did. This world did not need to fantasize about superheroes, they could have real live ones! Ally didn’t know if her power set would continue to reveal itself as she got older, or if she would only have the power of flight, but she could fly! With Nanny and her Daddy’s help, she designed a costume and became Little Bluey.

Her Daddy on the other hand was super strong, and could jump over vast distances, and was hard to hurt, and when he really concentrated he could channel electricity through his veins. All of this made him a very capable Protector. But here, it made him an amazing superhero. He took a little more convincing though than she would have liked. Ally wanted to be a superhero right away, but he was afraid that they would be hurt, or that their secret identities would be compromised. Still, after a very public outing where Ally flew for the first time to get some balloons at Celebrate Holliston Day, her Daddy agreed to help her design costumes and if they were going to be superheroes, they would do it right. That meant a lot of training, a lot of practice, and a lot of preparing to help others and not get hurt themselves. That’s when he became Boston Bluey.

Beyond flying, even though she was not even five years old yet, Ally had a propensity for creating things and figuring out how things worked. She had a toy bow from the Disney movie Brave and always hit her mark, the suction sticking perfectly every single time. Her Daddy would try to do it and the arrows rarely would stick, or even shoot very straight. In preparation for him being at his meeting, Ally assembled a list of things she would need to design a real bow that Little Bluey could use, and had Nanny order the parts so that when he was at his meeting she could try putting it all together.

She finished applying the paint and looked it over. “Poffit,” she said.

“You mean perfect,” Nanny corrected.

“No, this is poffit,” Ally said. She then began painting the arrows, too. Everything had to be the same. After the arrows were done and the bow was fully dry, she had Nanny help her with the final modifications, using some of the advanced technology from their world to create holoprojecting targeting to help her with her aim.

“Honey, I’m home!”

Ally looked up, hearing her father calling her. She set the bow down and rushed up to greet him. “Daddy! Daddy! Daddy!” she shouted as she ran and jumped into his arms.

“I missed you so much,” he said as he kissed her a dozen times all over her cheeks, forehead, and head.

“I missed you, too,” she said.

“With any luck, that’s our last meeting for a while,” he said. “I think it went really well.”

“Yay!” Ally said.

“So how has your day been? What have you and Nanny been up to?”

Ally couldn’t wait, her lips creasing into a huge smile and she excitedly said, “Daddy, Daddy, I have a surprise for you!”

“A surprise? For me?” he asked.

“Come see!” she said as he set her down and then she ran to the stairs and back down to the basement.

“Not too fast,” he said.

“I won’t,” she replied. “Come on, come on, you have to see!”

He followed her down and saw she had an entire workspace set up with tools, paints, gadgets, a quiver full of arrows, and a shiny and glittery pink and purple bow. “What’s all this?”

“You know how I shoot really good with my Merida bow?”

“Yup,” he said.

“And how we are the Archer’s?”

“MmHm,” he said.

“I decided to make my own bow for Little Bluey,” Ally added excitedly.

He walked over and pulled one of the arrows, touching the sharp point of the head. “You could get hurt with these. Or hurt someone else.”

Ally’s eyes lowered. “I’ll be careful,” she said, mumbling slightly.

“Maybe we can remove the arrow heads and put some kind of cushioned pad. Knock someone back or out instead of something that could pierce skin.”

Ally shook her head up and down. “That’s a good idea.”

“Can I see it?”

She handed him the bow. He looked it over, testing it for weight and balance. “It’s light.”

“Good for me to handle,” Ally pointed out.

“Have you tried it yet?”

“I wanted to wait for you,” Ally said.

“Let’s see what it can do,” he said. He grabbed a few boxes of books and lined them up on the wall, and then leaned a pillow from the outside furniture against it. “We can buy a new pillow. This will do until we can get you a real target.”

“Okay,” Ally said.

“Remember, pull back gently, aim, breathe, and release,” he said.

Ally took an arrow, nocked it, and drew the bowstring back. As soon as she did, in her line of sight, a nearly transparent-blue imaging appeared with circles and angles. She used that to aim for her target, the blue image darkening as she was on target, and then with a release of breath, she let the arrow go. It soared past the bow and right into the cushion all the way to the feathers, the arrow smacking into the box of books.

“WooHoo!” her Daddy cheered. “Right on target. And deep. You made that yourself?”

“With Nanny’s help,” Ally said.

Nanny rose up between them. “I merely provided guidance as you would have done. She designed this all by herself.”

“I think we may have discovered your second super power,” her Daddy said, chuckling to himself. “My Ally is going to be a little inventor. I love you so much.”

“I love you more,” Ally said.

“I don’t know about that,” he said.

“I love you to the moon and back,” Ally said.

“I love you throughout the multiverse and back,” he said, smiling.

“I still love you more.”

“Well okay. If you say so.”

“I know it.”

“But one day you’ll know, when you have a little girl or boy of your own, you can take all of their love for you, double it, and then you’ll be close to knowing how much your Daddy loves you.”

“I still love you more.”

He laughed. “Come on, let’s practice some more.” 



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